Engineering company of more than 15 years experience in machines for the plastic sector

Currently BRT Group is in Europe, Morocco (Tanger), Algeria and Latin America (Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, etc)

BRT PLAS, technical department of BRT group, is based in the high experience of their engineers to design machines capable to satisfy the most demanding sectors.


The BRT group has based its business strategy to present itself as a technology advisory looking as its main objective to support its customers in their projects by providing BRT machines with unbeatable value for money. In turn ensuring a low energy consumption and components from leading global brands in both its plastic injection machines and in their blowing machines.

Low energy consumption, reliability, repeatability, robustness and technical advice by specialized engineers ensures that to trust BRT is a safe decision.

Serie S

 "Our injectors are fitted as standard high-performance European controls"

The BRT injectors are originally equipped with components from leading global brands. The drivers and servo motors are from Inovance brand and are managed by i2000 or i5000 Keba control.

BRT engineers have managed to design the ideal machine in value to consolidate the markets of Latin America, Europe and North Africa. The robustness, reliability and repeatability with the hallmarks of BRT injection machines.


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KePlast  i2000 y i5000

The BRT injectors had to ensure minimum services. That's why BRT engineers decided to install across the range controls of KEBA brand. Thus giving added value to the machines and ensuring that the user will achieve get the most out of their machine because KEBA has succeeded through its software tools, reducing the learning curve.

New KeTop AP515 to provide maximum comfort and presicion

Servo motor technology for high precision and maximum savings

Save up to 80% of the energy consumed compared with traditional fixed pump systems

The BRT injectors come as standard with 5 transducers

Ask us about our range of injectors up to 6800T

"We design customized machines to transform technical materials, PET, PVC rigid, etc."


BRT Plas offers a wide range of manual, semi-automatic and automatic blowing machines to adapt in the best possible way to the needs of its customers.


It has a wide range of solutions for packaging 1L, 2.5L, 5L, 12L, 25L and 50L.


BRT Plas besides the blower itself, offers its customers all the auxiliary and necessary elements to offer a complete production line.


BRT Plas besides the blower itself, offers its customers all the auxiliary and necessary elements to offer a complete production line.


Besides blowers PP-PE-PVC, BRT Plas has extensive experience in the area of PET blow. It offers a wide range of blowing PET manual, semi-automatic and automatic high cadence. All with the highest quality in all its components.


Plas BRT offers the possibility of having its full line of blown without worry because BRT engineers will advise you at all times.

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Specialists in turnkey projects

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